Strata Hotel Continuous Extension, Sesto, Italy

Strata Hotel was completed in 2007: a subtle volume of horizontal wooden larch sticks that peel off the building, run over it and seem to grow out of the surrounding topography. In 2014, to the neighboring Residence Alma, a guesthouse built in the 1960s got rid of an underused pitched roof, a previously non-existent vertical circulation and the dwelling for the host family were added. Due to the immediate neighborhood of the Strata Hotel, the theme of the wooden stick was readopted: this time, two bands follow the geometrically complex volume, pushing behind and over the white existing cube and joining with the surrounding topography. The interiors benefit from differentiated external spaces, which open up between the building volume and the wooden sticks, light openings provide panoramic views and bring the sky deep inside the building – a variation on the theme.

In 2018, the building was again extended by 9 generous suites for family vacations and communal areas: the very steep slope was unfolded and a new volume was positioned behind the existing one and the addition of 2014. The theme of the wooden sticks was applied once more: starting again from the existing topography this time they did not un-fold into the roof surface but were designed to form the ceiling cover of the cantilevering entrance and parking area: the thematic conclusion of the Strata-Alma-Paramount Alma.

The strategy of Strata and Paramount Alma is continuously followed-up: starting from the steep terrain, the larch wooden sticks peel off the volume, form covered outer spaces, are partially brought into the interior, then turn into the ceiling of the access and parking deck to create an atmospheric and thematically coherent space, which allows framed views into the surrounding mountain landscape. Coarse spray plaster, large floor to ceiling windows and the slightly faceted wooden strips define the external appearance. The interiors are characterized by a strong relationship to the exterior: light and views are brought far into the interior space. Local larch wood is the prevailing material as well of the façade development as well for the interiors. In the interior, it combined with color codes, which vary depending on the floor. A generous sense of space and scenic views are the ingredients for holidays in the mountains beyond already seen chalet-chic.