Main road communication Smolyan

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  • Main road communication - Smolyan, Road II-86. Engineering - design and construction of Smolyan Civil Engineering Complex, which connects the existing route with the newly constructed section, and provides a connection between road II - 86 and road III - 866. from 7.50 m. km 0 + 000 to km 3 + 420 (southbound direction - direction Smolyan), and 9.50 m for the section from the usl. km 0 + 000 to km 1 + 036 (II-86 - direction Plovdiv - Ustovo quarter - South point), incl. dividing strip of 2 m and two sidewalks of 2 m. All the necessary attributes are built, such as drainage facilities - drains, trenches, rigs, chutes, collector and drainage systems, safety trenches, etc. implemented by complying with the requirements of the Technical Specification of RIA.

    The necessary safety fences, vertical and horizontal signaling are implemented for traffic safety. In the section "Large facilities" new bridges have been constructed and the existing ones have been rebuilt and reconstructed. Built lined retaining walls. The existing tunnel has been surveyed and a project for its commissioning has been completed. In accordance with the requirements of the "Technical Rules for the Design of Road Tunnels" (RIA-2014) and "Regulation No. 2007/2007 on Minimum Safety Requirements for Tunnels on National Roads", the necessary designs for tunnel safety systems have been developed.